• Mumbai's Most Renowned IVF & Fertility Center
  • Welcome to the website of Fertility Clininc,Mumbai
  • Our Highly Skilled and committed team ensures right treatment
  • We Bring Happiness
  • Mumbai's Most Renowned IVF & Fertility Center
  • Welcome to the website of Fertility Clininc,Mumbai

  • Mumbai's Most Renowned IVF & Fertility Center

  • Our Highly Skilled and committed team ensures right treatment

  • We Bring Happiness to you

  • Prayers for most couples are answered.


Dearest Dr. Desai and Dr. Roy

We would like to express heartfelt gratitude for the most loving and compassionate care that we received. This journey has been very special one and has taught us some of the most beautiful lessons and has only left us enriched. You guys have been quite kind, warm, loving and most selfless doctors we have ever met. Thank you for everything, I have very beautiful memories both inside the consulting room as well as outside. Once again,

Thank you.

  Lots of love,
- Dhwani and Ashay Mehta

Dear Dr Sadhana Desai, Dr Roy, Dr Vijay and all team members

I know it’s part of your day to day, but my vocabulary is not big enough to underscore the importance of the work you do and did for us. Thank you for your encouragement balanced with patience. Thank you for your caliber of work and team. Thank you for your patient explanations and genuine enthusiasm. And, of course, thank you for getting us here. You and your team are a gem. You offer confidence, deep information, peace of mind and hope.
Thank you so much.”

- Mita and Sanjay Singhania, USA

Dear Dr.Desai

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of starting a family. We feel very fortunate to have been under your care for our treatment and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and the caring office staff.
We look forward to bringing the baby in to meet you next year!

- Vaishali Bhat, USA

Dear Dr. Sadhana Desai

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the family you have given to us. The twins! Your care and concern went above and beyond our expectations. Your staff is amazing, always making me feel comfortable.
Thank you for everything!”

- Bhavika and Piyush Thakkkar, Mumbai

Dear fertility clinic Staff

We can't thank you all enough for everything you did for us. You made this IVF cycle the easiest and less stressful of them all, and of course the most successful. We can't even find the right words to express our gratitude and appreciation. You have made our dream of having a baby come true! Thank you! P.S. We will be back soon enough for 2nd baby ."

- Nita and Nathu Viradia, Surat

Dear Dr Sadhana Desai, Dr Roy, Dr Vijay and all team members

Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job correcting my ongoing and frustrating medical condition. I feel it is an honor to have a surgeon, gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist like you in our community.

Your knowledge, diagnosis, and precise treatment planning resulted in a quick resolution of my medical situation that was creating a serious problem for my IVF plans. Thank you for resolving this problem quickly because I have limited time remaining to attempt a successful IVF.

Your experience and skill as a surgeon puts you in a category of one of the best doctors in India and I feel the best in the world. I am very thankful to you for treating me quickly and with great professionalism.

We are from medical field- both clinicians. My husband and I also learned a lot from you and were very impressed with the treatment you, your staff, and your surgical center extended to us. The initial contact with you and your excellent, highly trained, and very nice staff made the entire experience we had with a very difficult situation very comfortable. Additionally, my family expresses their deepest appreciationi to you Dr. Desai. You are a remarkable doctor and a great human being. Thank you very much again. Sincerely,

- Dr Payal Agarwal, Mumbai

As you know, I was a patient at another clinic prior to coming to your practice. The care I received there was below poor. No comparisons could be made between the two practices. I can remember the numerous times I would come home telling my husband how happy I was with the care I was receiving at your offices. This made each step we took with you go that much smoother. Thank you for helping us to get pregnant and for providing us with such a positive experience. I could not have asked for more. Our son is now 17 months old. He amazes us each day with his new achievements. We would like to have another baby at some point, probably sooner than later. So, I am sure you will be hearing from us. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you,

- Dr Swati and Ramakant Kini

Dr. Sadhana Desai

Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything you’ve done for us…..In helping get the BEST gift of our lives….’our baby!’
Thank you for being the perfect doctor for me… I thought my treatment was pretty stressful, I firmly believe you are probably the best instinct I ever had. Thanks again. Our family, our friends, and I are truly grateful!

- Harsha and Raju, Raipur

Dear Dr. Desai and the whole staff of Fertility Clinic, Mumbai

I wanted to write this letter since the first weeks of being your patient. I would like to thank all of you for the exceptional care you provided to my husband, my baby, and myself. Yes I did get pregnancy and have a son from the treatment I received with you. Regardless of whether I had a baby or not, I would still feel grateful for the level of care we received.

Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate your sensitivity to all of my needs and my husband’s. It is a great experience to deal with doctors and staff who are kind, helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

- Farida C, UK